God Keeps His Promise With Paula White

Jesus promised  through the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 3:7, that God would personally destroy those who would bring his Church to ruin.                                     AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!


Barna: People just don’t care for Pastor’s

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My Vote For Donald Trump?


Donald-Trump-Hillary-Clinton-9001I have finally resolved my personal pain of conscience and my conflicted soul over being put in a place of having to choose “the lesser of two equally horrific evils”  nominated for President of these United States.

My conviction is that either candidate will absolutely take this country “deeper into the judgment of God” presently being manifest throughout our culture and society. This isn’t fatalism, it’s biblical realism! As is apparent to all who have eyes to see, divine judgment has already begun in the Church and is being severely unleashed upon our nation. These two Presidential nominees evidence the fact that we’ve crossed God’s own “red line”. 

The Apostle Peter lays this reality bare for us to see and apply: “It’s judgment time for God’s own family. We’re first in line. If it starts with us, think what it’s going to be like for those who refuse God’s Message!”  [1 Peter 4:17-19]

Interesting to that Peter is quoting from Ezekiel 9 where the Prophet declares that the beginning point of Judgment is God’s own Sanctuary and is then commanded to be unleashed upon society. 

Then the glory and brilliance of the God of Israel went up from the cherubim to the threshold of the [Lord’s] temple. And the Lord said, “Go through the midst of the city, and put a mark on the foreheads of the men who sigh [in distress] and grieve over all the repulsive acts which are being committed in it. But to the others I heard Him say, “Follow the [executioner] throughout the city and strike; do not let your eyes have pity and do not spare [anyone]…But  do not touch anyone on whom is the mark. Begin at My sanctuary.”  And He said to the executioners, “Defile the temple and fill its courtyards with the dead. Go out!” So they went out and struck down the people in the city.”

Dr Michael Brown recently wrote an interesting article entitled “Clinton,Trump,the Presidential Election  and The Sovereignty of God.  Michael states,”More than 2,500 years ago, the prophet Daniel declared that God “removes kings and sets up kings” (Dan. 2:21), and throughout the Old Testament, we see the Lord orchestrating history according to His plans, either to bless His obedient people or to judge His disobedient people.

Dr Brown poses a “concern” that lesser men would never broach. He asks the probing question,”What if Donald Trump was raised up by God to defeat 16 Republican candidates, some (if not most) of which could have readily defeated Hillary Clinton? What if he was raised up, not to become president, but to pave the way for a Hillary presidency?”


[In the event some try to misinterpret this, let me be clear, I would NEVER vote for Hillary!  My Pro-Life conviction rules out any candidate from the Democrat party]


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Churches Forced To Comply With Transgender Bathroom laws?


Is a church facility the place for public accommodation? Well, the answer is yes according to “radicalized liberals and democrats”.

Seems the Civil Rights Commission of Iowa contends that any church opening its doors to the public should be required to comply with sexual orientation and gender identity laws. The means that self identifying transgendered individuals should be allowed to use the bathrooms of their choice in church facilities. 

My initial response is that this just might be a providential “gift of purification” for the true church as it will force us to return to our historic-biblical identify as “God’s called out covenant people” whose loyalty and ultimate allegiance is solely to Jesus Christ and his glorious Gospel rather than a “501 c 3 government sanctioned public gathering.


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How To Identify The Uncompromised Remnant Church

 RiseUpChurch-EmailIt is my personal conviction that two contrasting groups have been emerging for years and becoming more and more identifiable within the Charismatic-Evangelical church world of our day. They are the corrupted “Wilderness wandering” congregations  and the covenantally faithful “Canaan hearted ” churches. A simple review of biblical history demonstrates that one is visibly cursed and the other is divinely blessed.  

Joseph Mattera has provided us with much-needed assistance in identifying the blessed remnant. I’ve extracted his key points, but the full article is a great read.




As the persecution of the Bible-believing church becomes more intense, there will be a greater manifestation of what I am referring to in this article as the “remnant church.” By remnant church, I am referring to the surviving vestige of the body of Christ that remains true to biblical principles in spite of cultural opposition.

The following are characteristics of the modern-day remnant church:

1. They will become more entrenched in the word of God the more the world opposes them.

2. They will become the vilified in society.

3. They will preach counter-cultural biblical messages.

4. They will produce the most committed Christians and make disciples.

5. They will experience a greater presence and power of God than other churches.

6. They will become more visible and distinct as the culture becomes more decadent.

7. They will be more excluded and separated from mainstream secular evangelical churches and denominations.

8. The remnant church will change the world.

9. The remnant church will endure while the compromising church will fade away.

May God help us all remain faithful to the end and participate in the remnant church!


Tullian Tchvidjian Confesses to Another Affair


What a tragedy!  But this should be “lesson learned” for all who would presumptuously act with “unprincipled mercy” since Willow Creek brought him on board immediately after his first confession of adultery.                                                                                                                                                RGH

Willow Creek Church in Winter Springs, Florida, confirmed Thursday that they have fired Tullian Tchvidjian, 43, grandson of evangelical icon Billy Graham, after he revealed a previously unconfessed affair he had with another woman.

“When we heard the disclosures he made just a few days ago, the session acted within hours to end his employment at the church,” Willow Creek’s Senior Pastor Kevin Labby told The Christian Post in an interview Thursday morning.”

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Do Jews Need Jesus?

Catholics Should Not Try To Convert Jews” according to Pope Francis in a recent document. Actually, the Vatican’s heresy specifically states that “Catholics must refrain from active attempts to convert Jews.” 

The Apostle Paul must have really been misguided when he wrote “to the Jew first.” I’m sure Pastor John Hagee is shouting since he’s been teaching and practicing this heretical postion for years. Heck, he doesn’t even believe Jesus came as the Messiah for the Jews. 

Alright! After that brief vent, you will be better served to read Dr Michael Brown’s position on the issue. He speaks with greater clarity and charity than I. 




“The Vatican issued an important statement that made many great points but fell flat on one of the most crucial issues. Because their statement declares that Jews don’t need to put their faith in Jesus, I have written this article to set the record straight. You can also watch my video addressing this issue as well.”

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