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Francis Chan Repents For Softening Jesus Words

Francis Chan

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Francis Chan is the founder and former Pastor of one of the largest churches in Ventura,California. As a national speaker and successful author, he is known for his forthright communication regarding scripture and fearlessness in confronting lukewarmness in the church. [Check out his video below]

That’s what makes this segment of a recent interview so interesting. Chan humbly confesses to “hiding things about Jesus” in order to make his teachings more palatable, attractive and appealing.

Why would he resort to such a compromised approach? He tells Christianity Today that it was rooted in his own personal arrogance.

In my mind, this simply demonstrates what lesser  men have been doing for years. Chan’s confession reveals he is genuinely authentic and worthy of being followed.  


 “…As I reread the Gospel passages, Jesus’ words are much harsher than I remember. There’s a tone in some of the things that he said that are really difficult to stomach, and he says things in a way that I would not have.

Because we in America read certain passages over and over to the neglect of others, we start to believe that Jesus had a friendly tone all the time. And that there isn’t any wrath or anger or judgment. When you read it all like you are reading it for the first time, you walk away going, “Wow, he was pretty hardcore.”

Here’s what I had to repent of: I had felt the need to soften a lot of Jesus’ statements, because in my arrogance I think, “Okay Jesus, I’m not going to say that like that. Trust me, people will like you more and be more willing to accept you if I say it like this.” Obviously I’ve never said that to God. But that’s the attitude I’ve taken, and it made me sick. Who in the heck do I think I am? To think that I can make God more palatable or attractive if I try and change the tone in which he says some things. I know people say, “Well it’s just cultural this or that.” That’s garbage. People back then had a much deeper reverence for God than we do. Especially the religious community. Yet it’s to those people whom he speaks so harshly.

What in the world would he say to us today? I don’t think it’d be a softer message. I had to come before God and say, “Lord I feel sick.” And I confessed to Mark [Beuving, who edited the book] and Preston [Sprinkle, the coauthor] as we were working on the book, “I confess to you guys, I confess to the church, I know I have backed away from certain things because of my arrogance. I thought I could attract more people to Jesus by hiding certain things about him.” I had to confess my arrogance.”


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