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When Tragedy Evokes The Question Of Why?

Recent tornadoes have wreaked devastation, decimation, despondency and death. With these come every associated emotion in the form of  pain and grief of soul. To the natural eye, events like these seem  utterly senseless and meaningless.  

How can anything redemptive come forth from such horrific pain,despair, hopelessness and loss. With groaning  soul, we question, “How can this be God’s will?”  Oh Lord,where are you in all this? Why would you allow such evil?

We are not the first to ask these questions. Jesus himself uttered the same things during his last moments of life. Does it have to be like this? Is there another way? My God, Why have you forsaken me?

This “New Again” video demonstrates the sheer agony of  Mary’s human despondency. The pain of soul and mental anguish she experienced at the point of finite “un-knowingness”. Watch her face as she emotionally absorbs the  horrific pain and encounters fullness of loss that she perceives to be overwhelmingly senseless and meaningless.

But was it then or is it today? Our Sovereign God rules over and overrules,he directs and redirects every realm  of evil. [1]The groans of a fallen creation held captive to the curse of sin. [2]Satanic intent of devilish destruction. [3]Sinfully depraved humans acting out their moral rebellion. [4] Even the evil corruption that is all to often known to be among his own covenant people. 

As documented with Job, Joseph and Jesus, evil NEVER has the final word! Our all wise, all powerful and all loving majestic creator rules Sovereignly and Providentially over every realm for  his own glorious purposes. Things may be out of our control, but never out of his!

So during  The Gathering  this morning, we viewed this video and followed it with a clip of Joplin, Missouri right after the tornado hit. Then, with  tear filled eyes and burdened hearts that  “mourned with those who mourn”, we  loved neighbors by contributing  financially to Good Samaritan Purse  for those precious souls.

Oh Lord, in judgment remember mercy.


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