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Arrest Warrant Issued For Ron Luce of Teen Mania

According to Christianity Today and World Magazine, Compassion International sued Teen Mania for breach of contract after failingRon-Luce-posed-Facebook to follow through on Child Sponsorship advertising last year. Teen Mania then refused to refund CI’s invested $160,000.

Teen Mania is said to have disregarded the suit resulting in the Court awarding Compassion International the full amount plus court and attorney fees. 

World Magazine reports that a warrant has now been issued for the arrest of Ron Luce. 





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Church Is Easy Target For Scam Artists

Affinity fraud, a type of investment fraud that preys upon members of identifiable groups, is an epidemic that is spreading throughout America’s churches.

 Pat Huddleston, former enforcement branch chief for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), points out that “there is an element of the pitch to a Christian that isn’t present in other pitches by scam artists, and that is the proposed shared faith between the person pitching the investment and the eventual victim.”

Pat HuddlestonOf the $40 billion Americans lose to investment fraud every year, Huddleston reports that $1 billion involves fraud against the faithful. He believes megachurches are “especially vulnerable” because of their size and the number of ministries they may offer.

“Typically what happens is the scam artist will join the church [and] serve for a while,” the investor fraud expert explains. “The people who encounter them will be convinced that they are humble servants of Christ, and thereby, they gain the trust of the people they come in contact with.”

Next comes the scam artist’s subtle pitch that may include a casual conversation about what he or she does for a living, which is usually when he or she mentions that a contribution to the church was made possible through an investment. So Huddleston advises people to stay away from any investment pitch, even one that is made through a subtle appeal to a believer’s faith.”

Chris Woodward – OneNewsNow – 4/20/2011 3:50:00 AM

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Top 5 Reasons Churches Went To Court In 2010

Pound Hall Harvard Law School 2009

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Richard R. Hammar is an attorney, CPA, and author specializing in legal and tax issues for churches and clergy. He is a graduate of Harvard Law School, and attended Harvard Divinity School.

Each year he reviews thousands of church related court cases. Here are the most common reasons churches went to court in 2010.

The brief video clip below is an eye opener concerning sex offenders and the church.


#1. Child Sexual Abuse

#2. Personal Injuries

#3.  Property Disputes

#4. Insurance coverage Disputes

#5. Zoning Disputes

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Unhealthy Church Environments

Cover of "The Subtle Power of Spiritual A...

Cover of The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse

Authors and researchers have attempted to describe unhealthy church patterns which speaks directly to the leaders who create them. One of the major points for concern involves the critical issue of honest communication.
Charactered and trustworthy leaders advocate  transparent and straight forward communication throughout the ministry.They promote a culture of accountability by inviting any and all questions relating to personal, ministerial and leadership integrity. These will be responded to with “straight up” answers while purposefully affirming the congregants asking the questions. Anything less than this should give every member pause about the health of the church and the trustworthiness of it’s leadership.

After reviewing several of the more prominent writings on the subject, I have extracted some of their substantive comments on the subject so as to will help  identify if we are in an unhealthy environment.


>”Communications are ambiguous, events are “spun” the way the leadership wants to present them”

 >”Pertinent information is hidden from members. Straight answers are not given; different people may be told different things.”
>>”Finances may be kept secret, with misleading financial statements that hide where
the money really goes.”
 >”Frankly, there is so much dishonesty in unhealthy churches that people may not
even know they are being dishonest. The ability to “spin” things to make the system
look better or to get people to conform becomes a second language….”

>”People who identify problems are viewed as a threat. They are marginalized,
stigmatized and cast out of the system”

>”Thought Control….simple answers to complex questions, and using “loaded language”
to shunt the thinking process”

>” Their communication is not straight. Their speech becomes especially vague and
confusing when they are defending themselves”

>”Information Control- information enables people to make decisions; hiding
information prevents sound decision making and leads to manipulation”

>”Secretive– when you see people…being secretive– watch out. People don’t hide
what is appropriate; they hide what is inappropriate”

Ken Blue
Healing Spiritual Abuse

David Johnson, Jeff VanVonderen
The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse

 Steven Hassan
Combatting Cult Mind Control

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ORU Receives $10 Million Donation

Avenue of Flags and Praying Hands at the main ...

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 Tis the season to be jolly! Under The leadership of Dr. Mark Rutland, ORU is experiencing  renewal of credibilty and financial support


“The Green family of Oklahoma City will donate $10 million to Oral Roberts University for campus renovations and deferred maintenance in 2011, it was announced Friday.

The family, owners of Hobby Lobby and Mardel, bailed out the university with a $70 million gift in 2007 and since then has donated another $30 million to the school for campus improvements.

This gift brings the Greens’ total contribution to ORU to $110 million.

The 2011 gift will go to renovation and beautification of the campus plus technology improvements, said ORU spokesman Jeremy Burton.”

Read more from this Tulsa World article:

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Chrystal Cathedral Files For Bankruptcy

This is perhaps the most beautiful church in t...

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While some will see this as the enemy, others will view it as great blessing! I ain’t sayin, I’m just sayin! 

However, if you wonder why some will actually be rejoicing, check out the post below regarding the “Wider Mercy” doctrine heralded by Schueller.


“Televangelist Robert H. Schuller‘s 7,000-member Crystal Cathedral filed for bankruptcy in October. The megachurch had already enacted a round of layoffs and steep budget cuts this year in an attempt to address $7.5 million worth of debt to unsecured creditors.

A few days later, Schuller made a pulpit appeal for tithing and double-tithing to keep his ministry going. Current senior pastor Sheila Schuller Coleman promised that the church could climb back into the black by handling its money in a “biblical” fashion.”

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