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Gallops Recent Poll Of Confidence In Religion

“In 1973, “the church or organized religion” was the most highly rated institution in Gallup’s confidence in institutions measure, and it continued to rank first in most years through 1985, outranking the military and the U.S. Supreme Court, among others.”

In Gallops  newest findings,Church/organized religion ranks fourth among the 16 institutions polled, which included public schools, banks, television news, and the medical system. Their  findings show a decline in that  44 percent of Americans have  confidence in “the church or organized religion,” dropping from 46 percent in 2002 and 46 percent in 2007.

Appears that the church has plenty of work to do regarding our “salt-light-leaven” mandate issued by Jesus.

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Posted by on August 4, 2012 in Gallop, influence

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