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The Battle Over Matthew 24

In February of 2013, three biblical scholars set out to debate three separate views of Revelation in Reno, Nevada.

>Dr. Sam Waldron, academic dean of Midwest Center for Theological Studies and professor of systematic theology discussed the Idealist position.

>Gary DeMar, M. Div, Reformed Theological Seminary discussed the (partial) Preterist position.

>Dr. James Hamilton, Asst. Professor of biblical studies, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary discussed the futurist position.

What happened however turned out not to be a typical talking head debate on the book of Revelation.

Watch this clip then go download the film now.

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The Kingdom: Already But Not Yet!

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Treven Wax recently wrote  that there is a theologian we should all know and I agree. 

George  Eldon Ladd is said to be one of the most influential scholars of the 1900’s. It was Ladd who popularized the view of the kingdom as two dimensional by describing it with the  “already inaugurated -not yet  consummated” paradigm.

He argues that there is a tension between the already realized and future eschatology throughout the entire New Testament. While the future Kingdom of God already has broken into the present reality, its fullness  remains to be consummated with the second coming.

 Now deceased, Ladd is considered a premier Kingdom theologian and any serious study of eschatology should include time invested to read “The Gospel of the Kingdom” and  “The Presence of the Future“.

Other great books that I can personally recommend:

 The Blessed Hope“- His central thesis is the second coming is The Blessed Hope, not a pre-tribulational rapture.

A Theology of the New Testament“- Ladd’s magisterial work on New Testament.


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Rapture Song and Saints Gone Wild!

 Must see video. As a brother sings “I’ll Be Gone” song about “the rapture”, congregants begin running the aisle, shouting, slinging a coat over the singers head, walking the pew, tumbling on the platform,  culminating  with a final flip into the baptistry!

Watch as the singer himself loses it in laughter during the rapturous excitement!


Absolutely Priceless!



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What Will Pastor’s Say To The Disallusioned Sunday Morning?

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Paul the Apostle proclaimed the gospel  of the  first coming of Christ to hopeless sinners and comforted the saints with the mystery of the second coming. Unfortunately, this pattern has been reversed as  many  proclaim the second coming of Christ to sinners and the first coming to the saints.

Tomorrow morning,   intellectually honest exegetes will once again have the responsibility to  clean up months of  eschatological goooofiness.

Now read this excerpt from “Cleaning Up After Harold” and then rush  out and buy Gary DeMars excellent book,”Last Days Madness”.


“History teaches us that previous generations caught up in eschatological fervor often fell away from Christ when their deeply held beliefs about the end of the world didn’t pan out. While Camping must answer for his false teaching at the end of the age, Reformational Christians are facing a pastoral problem come Sunday morning: how can we apply the salve of the Gospel to the wounded sheep who will be wandering aimlessly, having discovered that what they thought was true (so true they were willing to upend their lives over it) was not? If this isn’t true, they might reason, then what other deeply held beliefs and convictions and doctrines and hopes might not be true?

It’s at this point that we need to be ready to provide a reasonable defense of our reasonable faith. Christianity is not founded upon some complex Bible code that needs years of analysis to reveal its secret. Christianity is about a man who claimed to be God, who died in full public view as a criminal, and was inexplicably raised from the dead three days later appearing to a multitude of witnesses. When his followers, who witnessed his resurrection, began speaking of it publicly, they connected the prophecies of the Old Testament to the life and death and resurrection of this man who claimed the power to forgive sins. This is the heart of the Christian faith, the message that deserves to be featured on billboards, sides of buses, and pamphlets all over the world.  It is also the message that needs to be reinvested into the hearts and lives of those who found hope and meaning in Harold Camping’s latest bad idea.”

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Ready or Not-The Rapture Is Saturday May 21st!

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 Here it is, the next best thing to”Pet Salvation”. Saturday is “Judgment Day” and the misguided quacks are getting  national attention when interviewed by news agencies. One lady today said “The Bible Guarantees” the rapture will take place on Saturday.

Do not fear, here are two  back up plans for those who prefer atheist caring  for their beloved pets over  the “not quite ready christians” who get “left behind” when the “firstfruits-Silent Rapture” event takes place. [You gotta watch the interview on the second clip.  Must see stuff!]

 Even better, since history bears out date setters are consistently goofy and wrong, ie 88 Reasons Christ will return in 88 – Harold Campings 1994 first miscalculated date-the ’92 poster and then all of  Hal Lindsay books, you are able to now purchase “Pet after Care” in ten-year increments.  No worries!

Whats even more pathetic, entire churches are using this “end times hype” as a witnessing tool in the form of tracts. Seems they completely missed the biblical  substance of the Gospel being the proclamation of “The first coming of Christ!” You know, the virgin birth, sinless life, substitutionary death on the cross and resurrection from the dead stuff that the original Apostles preached. oooooops! 


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