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Rapture Song and Saints Gone Wild!

 Must see video. As a brother sings “I’ll Be Gone” song about “the rapture”, congregants begin running the aisle, shouting, slinging a coat over the singers head, walking the pew, tumbling on the platform,  culminating  with a final flip into the baptistry!

Watch as the singer himself loses it in laughter during the rapturous excitement!


Absolutely Priceless!



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Ready or Not-The Rapture Is Saturday May 21st!

Poster in Kendall Square, Cambridge, Massachus...

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 Here it is, the next best thing to”Pet Salvation”. Saturday is “Judgment Day” and the misguided quacks are getting  national attention when interviewed by news agencies. One lady today said “The Bible Guarantees” the rapture will take place on Saturday.

Do not fear, here are two  back up plans for those who prefer atheist caring  for their beloved pets over  the “not quite ready christians” who get “left behind” when the “firstfruits-Silent Rapture” event takes place. [You gotta watch the interview on the second clip.  Must see stuff!]

 Even better, since history bears out date setters are consistently goofy and wrong, ie 88 Reasons Christ will return in 88 – Harold Campings 1994 first miscalculated date-the ’92 poster and then all of  Hal Lindsay books, you are able to now purchase “Pet after Care” in ten-year increments.  No worries!

Whats even more pathetic, entire churches are using this “end times hype” as a witnessing tool in the form of tracts. Seems they completely missed the biblical  substance of the Gospel being the proclamation of “The first coming of Christ!” You know, the virgin birth, sinless life, substitutionary death on the cross and resurrection from the dead stuff that the original Apostles preached. oooooops! 


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