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Warning! Cell Phone Users Going To Hell

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Now that our ” Gathering of Christ Followers” here in LaGrange is in process of  becoming missional , we deemed it appropriate last week to share  the following Love Based Cell Phone Etiquette for our corporate gatherings.

However, it seems I did so prematurely.  A friend forwarded a video to me today that absolutely does a better job  and takes cell phone etiquette to a whole new level! 

 Read our etiquette  and then watch the awesome video. It can be very serious to either rudely text or simply neglect  to mute your cell phone during the sacred assembly.

1. Please turn off or mute all cell phones in reverence of  The Gathering. For rare occasions that may warrant cell phone usage, discretely move outdoors before attempting to engage in conversation. Even then, modulate your voice and speak softly in order to keep the conversation private.

2. Be lovingly courteous and relationally considerate of others, by refraining from cellular “texting” during the sacred gathering. Not only is it deemed unloving, rude and ill mannered, but such activity is the cause for others to experience double minded distraction.  James 2:7-8   1Corn 13:5  Romans 12:10


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