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Interview With John MacArthur

The Master's College

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A few weeks back, I posted an article for our  Redeemed Family of Ministers addressing the question,”How Should A Young Minister Receive Correction From A Seasoned Minister?”

A seasoned veteran of the Cross,with 40+ years of accomplished ministry, Pastor John MacArthur had publicly critiqued the content of a young ministers new book. See the link  below for the buzz.

Tim challies interviewed MacArthur and I’ve excerpted one of the 10 questions he posed.

I took personal delight in MacArthur’s response.!


“How can we best critique people who are “in our camp” and yet believe things different from us? Or behave in ways we do not appreciate? How can we know where to draw those lines?”

 “Part of the responsibility of an elder is not only to teach and preach the truth, but also to warn the flock about error. We see this modeled by Christ and the apostles in the New Testament. When the gospel is at stake, and even when a core aspect of pastoral ministry or church life is at stake, it is important for us to warn people about falsehood and potential dangers.

When we disagree with people “in our camp” (which I understand to mean those who affirm a biblical gospel but differ with us on secondary issues), we have to respond on a case-by-case basis. And my response depends on the level of danger I believe that particular issue poses to those under my spiritual care. If an issue arises that could potentially threaten the congregation of Grace Church or the student body at The Master’s College & Seminary, I might say something to the congregation. If the issue is significant and far-reaching, I might write an article, a series of blog-posts, or even a book about it.”

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