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What is the Gospel?

Trevin Wax has compiled what is said to be the “largest grouping” of gospel definitions available on the internet. It really is worth reviewing pdf version .

However, checking out this visual of the gospel is a must. Powerful and Amazing!

The truth of the Gospel is alien in many churches today. Post-modernism [Brian McClaren] Reductionism [Joel Osteen & Rob Bell] and the largest evangelical denomination [SBC] deny many of the core components of the gospel presented in this amazing drama.


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Conversational Curse?

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

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Dr Al Mohler cogently articulates  what is at stake in his masterful response to Brian McClarens “to weak for the task” attempt to defend Rob Bell. The contrast is clear according to Mohlers polemic. This isn’t a third tier gray area. Somebody stands under the Pauline anathema for preaching a “counterfeit gospel”. Finally!

Mohlers summary:

“We are talking about two rival understandings of the Gospel here — two very different understandings of theology, Gospel, Bible, doctrine, and the totality of the Christian faith. Both sides in this controversy understand what is at stake.”


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