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Ministers Get Low Rating On Honesty and Ethical Standards

According to Gallop,  Americans  rate the honesty and ethical standards of the medical  profession— nurses, pharmacists, and doctors — the highest of the 21 professions tested. Since 1999, Nurses continue to enjoy the highest trust of the public.

It’s obvious that Ministers have a serious “reputation problem” as trust in the profession continues to decline. I submit  that this is now a “status confessionis” issue for the true church. But more on that later.


November 2012: Please Tell Me How You Would Rate the Honesty and Ethical Standards of People in These Different Fields

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Ministers, Wives And Relational Ethics

While serving as a prof at cfni, Ethics had to be  one of the most enjoyable classes I was privileged to teach. Watch this hilarious clip that speaks to conflict  between a minister and his wife and see if you would implement the same “pragmatic solution” to his ethical dilemma.

I guarantee you will  enjoy robust laughter at the ministers expense.



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