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Creflo Dollar Perverts the Grace of God

Ary Scheffer: The Temptation of Christ, 1854

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 During the scandals of the 80’s with Bakker and Swaggert, one prominent minister stated it was ok for a  pastor to commit immorality on Sunday morning yet be back  in the pulpit on Sunday night. Seems  Creflo Dollar  may have been mentored by the same  antinomian belief.

 According to Dollar, Eddie Long is neither accountable to the public  he has been preaching to, nor should he have to transparently explain why he paid hush money to silence his four accusers under the cover of  closed-door proceedings.

 Creflo told his congregation:

    “That preacher’s still anointed to do what he was called to. He just had a wreck. The blood will take care of his issue just like it will take care of yours,” Dollar stated. “And I just can’t believe that people would leave their preacher because he had a wreck, instead of praying for him.”

As you can see, Dollar ignorantly and arrogantly dismisses concern with Longs lack of character and private homosexual relationships by declaring that the anointing is God’s  panacea for flagrant lawlessness.  In other words, anointing trumps lack of character.

 Where is that in Timothy or Titus? 

I submit that  both Eddie  long and Creflo Dollar may be guilty of what Christ warned his church about in the book of Jude:

For certain men whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are godless men, who change the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord.”   [Jude 4]

 J. Lee Grady said it best concerning Eddie Long and deceptive ministers: 

People who talk out of both sides of their mouths certainly cannot preach an uncompromised gospel. And liars cannot be trusted to give us the truth.”

Run for your souls saints!



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Randy Whites DUI and Eddie Longs Secret Settlement

The capture of Christ (detail)

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 Eddie Long and Randy White are guilty of biblical anarchy and  behavioral Antinomianism. Peter clearly commands,”If you suffer public humiliation as a Christian , it must not be because you are a…criminal. [1 Peter 4:15[

Randy White was just busted for DUI and Eddie Long  ponied up an undisclosed amount in a  secret financial settlement to cover up  homosexual activity with at least four other men. The settlement keeps the testimony out of the public arena. Wonder what happened to “the David fighting Goliath declaration?” Mere idle words to buy time to keep the crowds and the money coming in till he could  run for legal cover. Snakes are known to do that you know. 

Both Men were  personally confronted long before these recent acts of criminal corruption and should be viewed as completely disqualified from ministerial office as public representatives of Christ.

Through the Apostle Paul, Christ himself prescribed the life long qualifying standards for representatives of his throne in ministerial service:

Now the overseer must be above reproach, self-controlled, respectable, not a drunkard and he must have a good reputation with those outsider the Christian faith so that he does not fall into disgrace”.

Oh well, unprincipled mercy is sure to win the day again as the ignorant and unprincipled rush in to  sustain, support, and  promote the Antinomians.

Paula White, Benny Hinns recent heart throb, addressed her ex-husband’s arrest Sunday morning:

“This ministry is a ministry of restoration. This ministry does not compromise the principles of God, but we are the perfect church for people who are not,” she said, according to a transcript posted on the church’s website.

“That doesn’t mean I am an enabler. That doesn’t mean I condone. That doesn’t mean I agree with things. It means that I will help you walk through life. And I want you to walk with me through life. And I think that’s what the church is all about.”

Translation? I will condone,enable, and basically do whatever it takes as long as you people  attend and “show me the money!”

Read the details:


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