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Ted Haggard Confesses He is Bisexual

Awakening of the Liar

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The disgraced-but-reinvented Pastor admitted he is bisexual in a February interview with GQ magazine. [See his comments below]

This comes after Haggard has insisted repeatedly on multiple television talk shows,with  supportive wife at his side, that he is a “straight” heterosexual.

Nothing quite like a self appointed defrocked  minister stating  to the public  for years that  he is heterosexual,  “coming out” with he is really bisexual.  Ted also admits that he used to watch gay porn, was – and probably still is – a compulsive masturbator! 

What is most startling is that Haggard states the only reason he is content  to stay with his wife and have sex with her is  because of his age.  He is 54…but, if he were 21…wahoooooooo!

Any  casual bible reader knows that after 21, it’s biblically unlawful to swing both ways! But if Ted dared to go  AC / DC  at age  54, he  would really violate biblical guidelines for practicing homosexual/heterosexual sex.

I really appreciate Pastor Haggards personal conviction to maintain a sense of biblical integrity for “age appropriate” bi-sexuality!  [for the ignorant and gullible,that is mockery and sarcasm folks on my part]

And people wonder why I get soooo ticked at the flagrant “purposeful suspension of disbelief” that christians are guilty of today. These same people watch wrestling because they choose to “disbelieve” all the fakeeeeery.

It’s  this kind of ” ignorance sustained by intentional denial” by goofy- gullible sheep that enables charlatans like Ted Haggard to even exist in “ministry” today.

 Oh yeah, he also said that he once believed the church was the light of the world, [Jesus words] but now states he no longer believes that. However, against that belief, he went out and started his own “St James Church” and announced he would welcome “gay, straight, and bi”……and we now know why!

Why can’t people see  the flagrant lies and contradictions cloaked in ole Teddy’s deception?

Just goes to show that the country song got it right after all: ” God is Great, Beer is Good, and People are Crazy!


[Ted to GQ]

 “I think that probably, if I were 21 in this society, I would identify myself as a bisexual,” the pastor told the magazine.    In the article, the pastor admits that he was sexually molested at age 7, used to watch gay porn and was a compulsive masturbator. But he’s 54, Haggard adds, so he’s content to “exclusively have sex with my wife and be perfectly satisfied.”;lst;1


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