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Kirk Cameron Kicked Off Facebook And YouTube

images In his upcoming movie, Kirk Cameron attempts to wrestle with an age-old “theodicy” issue,”If God is good, why does he permit evil?” Or asked differently, “Where is God in the midst of tragedy and suffering?”

But last week, YouTube and Facebook removed the movie trailer saying that it violated their policies against “spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content”. They reportedly blocked links to his promo site.

Under pressure and a big win for Cameron, both internet venues have relented and are allowing links to his promo site,

The movie is backed by Liberty University and will only be in theaters for one night, September 24.


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Pastor Goes Ballistic On Church Members

Watch as this First Baptist Pastor comes”unglued” moving from pulpit to pew to angrily and arrogantly wake up a “sleeper.”
This leads to an even more serious attack as he spots an uncommitted member. “And where have you been, Mr. Underwood?”…I noticed on the calendar, I’m supposed to marry y’all. What makes you think I’d marry you? You’re one of the sorriest church members I have!”

Can’t make this stuff up.


“Accidental Racist” Stirs Huge Controversy

Country singer Brad Paisley and rapper LL Cool J have created quite the stir with the lyrics of this new song. Personally,  I ll-cool-j-brad-paisley-acm-awards-2013-650-430applaud both artist for speaking to a very sensitive issue.

However, L Z Granderson, a black  writer for ESPN, said this morning during an interview on CNN, that it  is a “god awful song”.

The song portrays Brad Paisley as having been an accidental racist. He didn’t think he was, but understands why some might have perceived him to be, yet resents being called a racist.

I understand this very well. After the grace of Christ conquered my life during the racial tension of the 70’s, we planted  a multi-racial-church in Georgia. At one point, I placed a bumper ticker on my truck that stated, “American by birth, Southern by the Grace of God.”

Shout! I truly believed [and still do] that Sovereign Grace allowed me to be a proud Southerner. It wasn’t an issue of race, but of grace. However, someone pointed out  the confederate flag in the corner and kindly shared how it might be perceived wrongly by some in the congregation.  It never crossed my mind. Therefore, for loves sake, I gladly removed that which could become a stumbling block to those I was intentionally trying to reach for the cause  of Christ.

Check out the song and see if you personally  believe the lyrics  to be  “god awful” or a good faith attempt to be “grace filled.”

As for me, I believe this song will help us take a step closer toward Rebel and Yankee, Ebony and Ivory, living together in racial harmony. May it be so!


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Self Centered Or Christ Centered Worship?

imagesThis  parody of worship is absolutely hilarious but scarily close to reality. The truth conveyed is that during active praise and worship on a Sunday morning, our minds are often centered upon ourselves.  

Need a good laugh, check this out.


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Atheist Loses Religion Debate

imagesProminent atheist Professor Richard Dawkins was handily defeated by  Former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams in a  debate before an audience of students at the University of Cambridge. The vote was  324 to 136.

Andrew Copson laid  out the atheist position by stating that organized religion, any expression practiced as a group or corporate entity, has no place in the 21st century. All religion should be relegated to private adherence. He proposes that religion does more harm than good,has no place in society and  we humans would be better off without it. He further states that secularist are a better force for good in this world than religionists.

Before we allow ourselves to simply be dismissive to such talk, remember that atheism is on the rise in the U.S. and religion is in decline.  I kindly suggest giving a listen so that we will be better equipped to give an informed apologetic when confronted with this mounting opposition.

A quick side note for consideration…Many christians today live and advocate a  reverse position to Dawkins. They falsely  think and act as if  “biblical truth” [ie religion] is to relegated to  the public domain of corporate gatherings,  and that without application to their personal lives,thoughts,and behavior outside the walls of the entity of the  assembled group.

Both fallacies are undermining the force of Kingdom life today. Dawkins position is “Anti-Christ”, while the erroneous Christian position  is “anti-nomian”.



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Damnable-Vile-Demonic Pro-Abortion Video

On this 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, the Center For Reproductive Rights has released an abominable video featuring actor Mehcad Brooks speaking as if the Court decision was an actual person. The context celebrates the brutal murder of over 50 million innocent babies in the womb.

With music playing in the background to set the mood for this perverted scene,  the reprobate actor states,“An anniversary like this is not something you forget, no no no no baby, it is something that you fight for. That’s exactly what I’m going to do, baby. Fight.”

He then ends with devilish glee and demonic laughter.



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Joel Osteen Confronted By Soledad O’Brien On CNN

If you haven’t watched this interview, you missed a great opportunity to see Joel deceptively squirm, crab crawl, slyly dodge, waffle, then bob and weave. To say that Osteen was uncomfortable is putting it mildly.

Personally, I was embarrassed and righteously infuriated to watch such ill-equipped handling of life’s hard questions from unbelievers. Joel’s anti-biblical clichés, soft shoe anecdote’s, and selective abstraction of biblical texts simply were no match for the CNN panel.

Osteen’s uncharactered ethos of “lifting up” resulted in him encountering full force “smack down”. Think that’s to harsh, watch it for yourself!


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