The Gnostic Heresy of Steve Munsey!

23 Sep
TV charlatan, Steve Munsey, is proclaiming his annual “charis-magic indulgence” heresy that  Yom Kippur is  God’s special holy1589061_orig day for christians to get healed of cancer, see children saved and supernaturally get out of debt!

How is this miraculous advent possible? Simply follow the charlatan’s gnostic secret formula to send a BIG financial donation to him today and instantly this financial transaction will merit with Christ the purchase of grace that releases your “Kingdom Panacea”. 

The Apostle Peter confronted this heresy in Acts 8 when he and John went down to Samaria:

 vs 23 Peter said to him,”to hell with you and your money! How dare you think you could buy  you the gift of God! [phillps translation]

So I join the spirit of  Peter and declare Anathema on Steve Munsey and his hellish acts of Simony!

“…He recently announced on evangelist Benny Hinn’s This Is Your Day program: “You’re not going to become a millionaire. You’re going to become a billionaire! But you must move now!”

The secret to obtaining this miracle? You must believe that God bestows special answers to prayer on Yom Kippur, the most important day on the Jewish calendar. And to unlock this blessing, you must bring a big offering in both hands. Suggested donation: $300.

Most casual channel-surfers who hear Munsey’s slick sales pitch will quickly detect that something funky is going on behind the curtain. The Chicago-based pastor is selling spiritual blessings with the same hypnotic skills of a used car salesman. What’s tragic is that millions of Christians who should have the discernment to know better are being duped by this circus sideshow.”



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