Megachurch Pastor Perry Noble Rebuked For Perverting Scripture

24 Jan

I am absolutely “joy-filled” at the character,courage and integrity of the SBC leadership for  holding Perry Noble publicly accountable for Screen-Shot-2014-12-31-at-11.31.29-PM perverting the 10 commandments into promises in order to make them more palatable to unbelievers in his church.

The seriousness of the SBC rebuke came with the threat of excommunication from the convention should Noble refuse to correct his heretical teachings. Bam!


Perry Noble, pastor of a South Carolina megachurch, was rebuked by a Southern Baptist leader in South Carolina for calling the 10 Commandments “10 promises” and for other “problematic positions and statements.”

The rebuke came last week from the president of the South Carolina Baptist Convention, Tommy Kelly, who said, “We as South Carolina Baptists must publicly state and remove ourselves from these positions and problematic statements and call for NewSpring to correct these positions if it chooses to say that it affiliates with South Carolina Baptist churches.”

..Hoping to bring more people to Jesus, Noble asked those at the worship service to view the 10 Commandments not as rules they have to keep in order to be Jesus followers but as promises that they can receive when they accept Christ.

He interpreted the first commandment (You shall have no other gods before me) as “Promise #1: You do not have to live in constant disappointment anymore.” The second commandment (You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything) was translated into this promise: “You can be free from rituals and religion and trust in a relationship.”

The “you shall not murder” command, he said, is actually a promise that “you do not have to live in a constant state of anger because you will be motivated by love and not hate.”


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3 responses to “Megachurch Pastor Perry Noble Rebuked For Perverting Scripture

  1. Jeremiah Theiss

    January 25, 2015 at 8:45 am

    I believe the Ten Commandments should be taken seriously. I also believe we should help unbelievers see the benefits in Gods ways. It goes to character. God is not just a “because I said so” God.
    I do believe Perry should be cautioned but to say heresy publicly on a web page is not iron sharpening iron. I’d respect it more if there were face to face conversations. Why am I hearing about this?
    Mathew 18 is the most ignored commandment in the church.
    Maybe there is a lot I don’t understand …

  2. Jeremiah Theiss

    January 25, 2015 at 8:59 am

    I’m open to rebuke myself as I want to reflect the ways of God. Hopefully there has been a history of mentoring that has been ignored.
    I’ve heard Perry speak and he seems to have a real heart to show unbelievers God’s laws are serious but He has motives to give good things to his children.

  3. RGH

    January 25, 2015 at 10:16 am

    Jeremiah, you are hearing this publicly because pastor Nobles messages are promoted in the public domain. Heresy isnt a Matt 18 issue. Paul rebuked Peter publicly because his sin was public, neither did he walk out Matt 18.
    Matt 18 iprescribes what to do when we are oersonally offended, not when error or heresy is proclaimed publicly. In fact, Jesus presribes through Paul in 1 Corn 14 That when someone stands and spks publicly, all who hear it are to judge whatvis being said. Thus, Nobles public word has been judged by his leadership in the SBC, and warned everyone his teaching on the 10 commandments must be repented of. Awesome!


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