N.T. Wright On Gay Marriage

11 Jun

N. T. Wright—has been hailed by Time as “one of the most formidable figures in Christian thought”. Christianity Today recently published an article saying, “He is the most prolific biblical scholar in a generation. Some say he is the most important apologist for the Christian faith since C. S. Lewis.”

In this interview with J. John, Wright was asked what he thought of  legislation that redefines marriage. In his wise and scholarly response, Wright explains why nature, history and biblical narrative necessitates complementarity of the sexes as essential to the very identity and reality of  God’s intent in the Genesis of marriage.

He speaks forthrightly in his concluding statement. “…I think it’s a nonsense. It’s like a government voting that black should be white. Sorry, you can vote that if you like, you can pass it by a total majority, but it isn’t actually going to change the reality of marriage.

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