3 Marks of Righteous Anger

09 Dec

Many ministers tend to be  temperamentally  weak, cowardly or effeminate and therefore find it very easy to omit serious exegesis of  Paul’s Apostolic imperative to “be angry” in his letter to the  Ephesian Church.  

This leaves congregants with a false belief  that anything  they personally  “perceive ” to be anger must therefore be sinful. It’s an erroneous belief and Tim Challies sure helps  right the wrong in my opinion. So I’ve taken the liberty to extract  three main points that  he sets forth as being attributes of righteous anger.  [rgh]                                                 tim-challies

“The first mark of righteous anger is that it reacts against actual sin. It arises from an accurate perception of what is actually evil. The Shorter Catechism helpfully summarizes sin as any “want of conformity unto, or transgression of, the law of God.” This is what ought to arouse our anger.

Righteous anger throbs with kingdom concerns.Righteous anger is motivated by Godward and biblically-informed concerns.

Finally, righteous anger is accompanied by other godly qualities and expresses itself in godly ways. True anger properly diagnoses what is actual sin, it focuses not on personal offense as much as Godward offense, and then it expresses itself in ways consistent with Christian character. It does not rant and rage, it does not swear and curse, it does not mock and sulk, it does not sink to self-pity and despair, it does not blow off people and storm away from them.

Does God allow his people to express anger? Yes, he does.”

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  1. Charles Moore

    December 9, 2013 at 9:24 pm

    Great info. Thanks Doc!

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