Trading In Abstinence For Temperance

18 Nov


The vast majority of Christians believe drunkenness to be a sin. After that point of agreement, there is a huge difference in beliefs. There are three main views.

Prohibitionists believe alcohol to be evil so to consume it is sin.

Abstentionists advocate a prudential position. Alcohol isn’t evil, but consuming it leads to abuse and causes others to stumble. Therefore it is more beneficial for Christian’s to completely abstain.

 Moderationists hold that alcohol is a neutral issue and a biblically  informed conscience should guide  all believers. The result is that  by conscience some will find moderate consumption a point of liberty while others will be guided to completely abstain. Both are equally valid and neither should judge the other.

With that backdrop, it’s interesting to see Christian Institutions of higher learning making transitional change in their rules regarding alcohol.


“In August, Moody Bible Institute lifted its alcohol and tobacco ban for its 600 full-time employees, following recent similar moves by Wheaton College, Huntington University, and Asbury Seminary.

Moody spokesperson Brian Regnerus said the change “came out of a desire in Moody’s leadership to reflect a high-trust environment that emphasizes values, not rules,” and to “require no more and no less than what God’s Word requires.”

“We are giving employees the freedom that God gives them,” Regnerus said. “We trust that they have the wisdom and spiritual maturity to make appropriate choices for their lives and the communities in which they are a part.”

He also said that Moody is not advocating for alcohol use.”

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Posted by on November 18, 2013 in Alcohol


One response to “Trading In Abstinence For Temperance

  1. Isaac

    November 18, 2013 at 10:32 pm

    I’ll drink to that.

    In all seriousness, removing the “law” may keep the employees from seeing that drinking to excess, or in front of unbelievers and young Christians is wrong. Paul says that the Law allowed him to see that his sin was exceedingly sinful – the colleges herein may want to emphasize the importance of sober judgement.


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