Billy Grahams Final Message To America-“The Cross”

07 Nov


I have  just finished watching the television broadcast of Billy Graham’s final message to America on Fox News Channel.

Profoundly biblical, the 95-year-old aged minister uncompromisingly shared the glorious components of the historic apostolic gospel. His  message was majestically Christ centered and authentically Cross glorifying as he called for grace filled repentance unto life transformation that comes exclusively through God’s one and only son, Jesus Christ.

Rapper LeCrae and Christian rocker Lacey Strum are highlighted as they share the pain-filled journey that led them to saving faith in Christ. These two Christ followers are culturally relevant and authentically Christian.

The Apostle Paul’s Gospel of God hasn’t been proclaimed on television with this much integrity in a very-very long time. I must confess, not only was it refreshing, but  it almost sounded novel coming through my T.V.  Graham spoke convincingly of  mans sin-filled depravity while  heralding  God’s love cry for whosoever will to come. Clips of his earlier years preaching  the Cross of Christ made this absolutely amazing!

“The Cross”  program will continue being  shown on national television and local cable channels until November 10th.

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