Saving Faith: “Decisional or Regenerational”

10 Oct

Reformed Soteriology teaches that “regeneration” is a Sovereign work that effects Saving faith as a supernaturally endowed gift of grace [monergistic regeneration].untitled

Contemporary Arminianism teaches that fallen man has the innate capacity to make a decision of faith for Christ which then effects regeneration [synergistic-decisional regeneration].

But what did the founder of Arminianism, Jacob Arminius believe and teach?

In his “A Declaration of Sentiments” delivered to the Lords of the States of Holland one year before his death in 1609, Arminius said:

           ” [i]n his lapsed and sinful state, man is not capable, of and by himself, either to think, to will, or to do that which is really good; but it is necessary for him to be regenerated and renewed in his intellect, affections or will, and in all his powers, by God in Christ through the Holy Spirit, that he may be qualified rightly to understand, esteem, consider, will, and perform whatever is truly good.  When he is made a partaker of this regeneration or  renovation, I consider that, since he is delivered from sin, he is capable of thinking, willing, and doing that which is good, but yet not without the continued aids of Divine grace. (

{The Works of James Arminius, Volume I, p. 659}

Got Questions: what is decisional regeneration?

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