Gospel Coalition:” Nine Things You Need To Know About Duck Dynasty”

26 Aug

1365708436_duck-dynasty-zoomThe fourth season has launched and “Duck Dynasty” is cable TV’s highest rated reality show.

Gospel Coalition did a post on the popular Robertson clan. Not only is the family hilarious, but they have a deep-rooted faith as well.

The site has powerful video clips for # 2-9.

1. Why Duck Dynasty matters: Poised to be the biggest cable show of all time, Duck Dynasty is the highest rated show on TV to consistently portray a family that is unapologetic about their Christian faith and their affection for one another. The pop culture phenomenon is making it harder for television executives to ignore the demand for shows that portray families who put God first in their lives.
2. Jase and Missy Robertson on the Biblical view of marriage.
3. Phil Robertson on evangelism.
4. Phil Robertson on the sanctity of life: “You have a God-given right to live, in all places, inside your mother.”
5. Alan Robertson, the beardless eldest son, recently joined the show after being off-camera for the first three seasons. He tells why he feels the family is doing the show now.
6. Si Robertson on believing in the resurrection of the dead.
7. Kay Robertson on family values: “God is the reason for our success. Family values are not attainable without a faith in and relationship with God.”
8. Jace Robertson on faith and Genesis 1:1.
9. Lisa Robertson, Alan’s wife, on taking their message beyond the physical congregation.

Watch the videos with the actual comments to #2-9:

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