Why Sheep Attack Their Shepherd

15 May

My life experience confirms the truth that Seminaries should train ministers in the “art of war”. Why? Because disgruntled sheep get mad and maileven attack the shepherd. The Corinthians maligned the Apostle Paul and the Galatians came to view him as their enemy.

Believe me, conflict is unavoidable. Here is an informative article that gives some very practical counsel for ministers and leaders who find themselves under attack from “friendly fire”.

Check out these extracts and you are sure to read more.


>”If you’re a referee, you’ve been yelled at. If you’re an umpire, your eyesight has been called into question publicly. If you’re a soldier, you’ve been attacked, at least in training, and in combat, by people who want to kill you.

And if you’re a pastor, you’ve had people mad at you. Really mad at you.

Opposition comes with the job. But people who expect mistreatment for referees and umpires and soldiers are sometimes surprised when it happens to pastors. Why the anger at a person who’s just trying to lead a community of faith? To proclaim and embody the gospel?”

>”A friend of mine recently changed careers after being in pastoral ministry for nearly a decade. I asked him how his new job was going. “Really well,” he said. “These days, people get mad at me only once or twice a year. When I was in pastoral ministry, it seemed like someone was mad at me every other day.”

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