80 Percent Of Unmarried Evangelicals Have Had Sex?

22 Apr

In February 2012, Relevant Magazine posted this statement:RLV_63_COVER

In fact, a recent study reveals that 88 percent of unmarried young adults (ages 18-29) are having sex. The same study, conducted by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, reveals the number doesnʼt drop much among Christians. Of those surveyed who self-identify as “evangelical,” 80 percent say they have had sex. Eighty percent. So much for true love waits.”

Then there is the NAE report based upon Gray Matter Research:

New research from the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) shows that the number of unmarried evangelicals ages 18-29 who have been sexually active is much lower than previously thought.1 Fifty-six percent of unmarried evangelical Millennials claim they have never been sexually active. At the same time, one in four say they have been sexually active in the past three months, while 19 percent have been sexually active previously but not within the past three months. Sexual activity was not specifically defined for this poll.

 The poll, which was conducted by Grey Matter Research,* also showed that sexual activity is more common among older Millennials. While 63 percent of unmarried 18-23 year olds have never been sexually active, only 46 percent of the 24-29 year olds could say the same thing.

 This study breaks new ground in that it compares when people came to their religious beliefs with when they were sexually active. Among unmarried evangelical Millennials who had been sexually active, 92 percent said they did so after becoming a born again Christian…”

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