“The Bible” Miniseries

06 Mar

Moses-Aaron-The-Bible-History-ChannelThe Movie Guide’s review of the first 2 hour episode seems very positive. From all appearances, it gives the series  a “two thumbs up”.


“The beauty of The Bible miniseries is how it weaves the biblical accounts together while keeping the historical and emotional integrity of Scripture. Burnett and Downey do a masterful job adapting such a large and incredibly significant portion of Scripture.

Some details of certain historical accounts are left out due to time constraints, so by no means can this TV series or any other replace the inspired Word of God, but the first episode of The Bible succeeds in making history more alive.

Parents do need to exercise caution about whether The Bible miniseries is appropriate for their children. There are some heavier action sequences and implied sexuality that wouldn’t be suitable for younger viewers. Otherwise, however, the first episode of The Bible is tremendously exciting, inspiring and uplifting. Best of all, it reminds us that God is always with us.”

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