Covenant Life Church Ends Relationship With Sovereign Grace Ministries

24 Dec

SovGraceLogo(1)Sovereign Grace Ministries continues to experience fall out associated with the leadership of C.J. Mahaney and the more recent legal issues they have encountered.

This announcement will be viewed by some as the most serious since Covenant Life Church played a profound role in the founding and formative stages of S.G.M.

It’s been said that Covenant Life  actually served as the model church  for all the
churches in SGM. Hence, this is no small announcement.


“The pastors of Covenant Life Church have informed us of their church’s decision to end their formal relationship with Sovereign Grace Ministries. Though we are deeply saddened by this news and would prefer that Covenant Life Church remain with us, we respect their prerogative to do what they believe is best for their church. Though no longer in formal association, we remain inseparably linked together in Christ and our common gospel mission for the glory of God.

We were able to meet with the CLC pastoral team this week and convey to them our respect, affection, and gratitude. We also were able to communicate our desire that they remain or consider returning at some point, trusting that any differences could be resolved. Additionally, we expressed our mutual commitment to support each other as we continue to walk in the gospel of grace. We are deeply indebted to CLC for the role they played in the founding of SGM, for hosting our Pastors College for the past 14 years, and for the many other substantial benefits of our long time gospel partnership. This church has played a special role in the history of SGM and will always have a special place in our hearts.

With sadness but also deep gratefulness and love, we wholeheartedly commend CLC to the Lord. We pray for their future faithfulness to the gospel and fruitfulness in its proclamation.”


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