Al Mohler- “Obama Election Is A Catastrophe”

08 Nov

According to Time and Christianity Today, Dr. Mohler is recognized as being an influential Christian leader. In fact, called him the “reigning intellectual of the evangelical movement in the U.S.”

It would behoove us then to give ear to what this man of Kingdom stature has to say about the election.


“Evangelical Christians must see the 2012 election as a catastrophe for crucial moral concerns. The election of President Obama returns a radically pro-abortion President to the White House, soon after he had endorsed same-sex marriage. President Obama is likely to have the opportunity to appoint one or more justices to the U.S. Supreme Court, and they are almost sure to agree with his constitutional philosophy.

Furthermore, at least two states, Maine and Maryland, legalized same-sex marriage last night. Washington State is likely to join them once the votes there are counted. An effort to pass a constitutional amendment preventing same-sex marriage went down to defeat in Minnesota. These came after 33 states had passed some measure defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman. After 33 victories, last night brought multiple defeats. Maine and Maryland (and probably Washington State) became the first states in the union to legalize same-sex marriage by action of the voters. There is no discounting the moral shift that momentous development represents.

Other states considered issues ranging from abortion and marijuana to assisted suicide. While not all were lost, the moral shift was evident in the voting patterns.

Clearly, we face a new moral landscape in America, and huge challenge to those of us who care passionately about these issues. We face a worldview challenge that is far greater than any political challenge, as we must learn how to winsomely convince Americans to share our moral convictions about marriage, sex, the sanctity of life, and a range of moral issues. This will not be easy. It is, however, an urgent call to action.”


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2 responses to “Al Mohler- “Obama Election Is A Catastrophe”

  1. Cheryl

    November 8, 2012 at 9:39 am

    Dr Hanner, I sat under you at CFNI and your teaching forever changed my life and the way that I listen to the preaching of the word. I am grateful beyond words! I always remember you saying with passion, “God would not have given you a brain if He didn’t intend for you to use it!” Still makes me smile. That being said; this election has done something to me that I haven’t experienced before. I find myself with such an incredible burden for the body of Christ that I quite frankly do not know what to do with. I feel such a grief that I can not begin to put it into words, and I am amazed that there are so many in the body that don’t see what a grave catastrophe this was. I feel like the answer for our country lies at our doorstep and so many in the body are blaming everything and everybody else. The word says If My people who are called by My name…

  2. RGH

    November 9, 2012 at 8:12 am

    Greetings Cheryl. Really appreciate you taking the time to check out antagoniz and your kind words are most encouraging! My time at CFNI was a fabulous journey and I am forever grateful for having intersected life with you guys. I am with you on the grave concern for the body of Christ. A quick review of the 7 letters to 7 churches in revelation reveals your premise that the problem is with the church not politics. We have flagratly failed in stewarding our divine mandate to be salt, light and leaven in both society and culture so we now find ourselves being trodden underfoot as Jesus promised. That said, there is a remnant who have not bowed their knee and through whom Christ will continue to rule and reign. Take heart!


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