R.C. Sproul Nails It!

07 Nov

This excerpt form R.C. Sproul  is spot on!

A minister is more likely to be held in higher esteem by actually teaching heresy over pointing out flagrant heresy, by committing adultery rather than exercising redemptive discipline toward adulterers and by dumbing down biblical standards rather than exalting the righteous standards of God’s charactered word.

Simply put, all you have to do is “call evil good” and “good evil” and you will be viewed as a merciful, loving, non-judgmental peacemaker! 



“I’ve seen it again and again. Someone recognizes false teaching and arises to resist it. But instead of supporting the courageous person who wants to uphold Christ’s truth, other Christians call for that person to be silent.

Fearing hostility from the culture or the wider body of professing Christians, many believers turn the guns inward and silence their fellow believer for the sake of peace.

Yet peace that is won at the expense of the truth is no peace at all.

Of course, so far as it depends upon us, we are to live peaceably with all (Rom. 12:18). But when God’s truth is attacked we must draw a line in the sand. Like Daniel of old, we must be willing to face the lions if that’s what it takes to guard the truth (Dan. 6).”

Ligonier Ministries via

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