Glenn Beck Defends Mormonism

23 Oct

Many Evangelical Christians today are advocating  that TV personality, Glen Beck, a Mormon,  is actually a closet “evangelical Christian”.

Like others who heard this report, and news that reputable evangelical Pastors were having him speak in their churches, I was hoping this to be true and waited for Beck to publicly renounce the theological heresies of Mormonism, openly profess Christ in the public domain and seal that profession by publicly entering the waters  of Christian baptism.

However, that is not to be. Reality hit this week when Beck took to the airwaves to explain the Mormon faith that  he embraces by attempting to dispel what he believes are myths often associated with Mormonism.  During this time, Beck confessed his strong commitment to Mormonism and unashamedly declared the Mormon faith  inherently  informs everything that he does in life.

So be warned saints, Glen Beck fully embraces and  publicly advocates  the “Mormon Worldview of life”  as it is defined by Joseph Smith in the book of Mormon.

Sadly, Beck concluded with this declaration, “It’s not weird to be a Mormon”.

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Posted by on October 23, 2012 in anathema, counterfeit, Mormon


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