Widely Accepted Lazy American Dream

25 Jul

Hilariously true!

Give a listen to Troy Cook Jr. singing a song by Nashville songwriter, Don Bradley, called the “Lazy American Dream”.

The protestant work ethic that once undergirded the culture of American life is swiftly being eroded by political leaders whose motive is to insure a large  segment of society remains dependent upon the government. This form of enslavement always translates into more votes for the party.

Yet, here are the words of Jesus spoken  through the Apostle Paul concerning the able-bodied who would rather live off others by refusing to work:

If anyone doesn’t take care of his own immediate family, he has denied the Christian faith and is worse than an unbeliever.  [1 timothy 5:8]

We commanded you, “Whoever doesn’t want to work shouldn’t be allowed to eat.”                  [2 thessalonians 3:10]

Caution! There are a few choice words  in the lyrics that may not be suitable for some. However, as is the custom of a few, they will get more upset over non-edifying terms rather than the calculated agenda that’s being identified in the song. 


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