Evangelical Apostasy?

28 May
A. W. Tozer

A. W. Tozer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is the evangelical church on the brink of apostasy? Are we headed for a time when there will be mass exodus from  “liberalized” Evangelicalism? Can it be possible that the Evangelical house will be left  desolate?

A.W. Tozer (April 21, 1897 – May 12, 1963) would answer yes to each question. Tozer was  known as one of the most perceptive writers in the 20th century. He served as a pastor, conference speaker and widely known to be a prolific author who wrote with biblical insight and prophetic precision. His best-known books, The Pursuit of God and The Knowledge of the Holy, are perennial best-sellers.

His prophecy  appears to be most accurate and reveals we are in some serious days. Be sober and vigilant as never before my friends.


“…The Evangelical church in America is facing some serious hazards that threaten to bring it to the brink of apostasy. My prayer is that it is not too late for an awakening that will lead to successful reformation. My use of the term ” Evangelical,” includes churches that are fundamental, full Gospel, holiness, Anabaptist and Pentecostal-all Evangelical churches that believe the Bible and proclaim Jesus Christ to be the only Savior of the world. I have nothing to say to any other church.”

“… Let me go out on a limb a little bit and prophesy. I see the time coming when all the holy men whose eyes have been opened by the Holy Spirit will desert worldly Evangelicalism, one by one. The house will be left desolate and there will not be a man of God, a man in whom the Holy Spirit dwells, left among them.”

“…As the Church now stands, the man who sees this condition of worldly evangelicalism is written off as somewhat fanatical. But the day is coming when the house will be left desolate and there will not be a man of God among them. I would like to live long enough to watch this develop and see how things turn out. I would like to live to see the time when the men and woman of God-holy, separated and spiritually enlightened-walk out of the evangelical church and form a group of their own; when they get off the sinking ship and let her go down in the brackish and worldliness and form a new ark to ride out the storm.”

A.W. Tozer: The Dangers of a Shallow Faith: Awakening from Spiritual Lethargy, Chapter (1)


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