Charis-magic Indulgences

31 Oct
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“Reformation Day” is October 31st and is on the calendar of the historical Church in Remembrance of the Reformation period. In 1517, Martin Luther posted his famous “95 theses” which ultimately “outed the Catholic Church” for the heretical practice of selling indulgences. Protestants and particularly Evangelicals, trace their roots to the movement inaugurated by the courageous Luther.Why was that an issue and what does it have to do with us now?

The  selling of indulgences  provided a source of income  for the undertakings of leaders in the church. In short, peddlers would sell grace for cash. God’s acts of favor supposedly would be dispensed to the people when they paid a fee and received the prepared document that was the guarantee of the grace to be conveyed. Make the payment, receive the item, and by this exchange,  supernatural grace would be mediated through the manufactured item. Thus, the selling of the favor of God pure and simple.

Protestants agreed with Luther that such a practice must be wholly rejected as a worthless and fraudulent money-making scheme that perverted grace for financial gain.

The following ads demonstrate why we need contemporary Luther’s. One is from the well received Elijah List ,the other from a false prophet named Master Prophet Jordan. Finally, charismatic minister  Sandra Kennedy.

What do they all share in common? The selling of Charis-magic indulgences.

The Prophets Mantle Anointing Oil – (5 ml.)
Our Price: $15.00  

THE PROPHETS MANTLE is blended with pure essential oils. Chosen specifically for those who desire to move in the prophetic.

Bandana – Regular

Measures 30 inches across at widest point.

Inspired by a vision given to Dr. Kennedy, each of these linens have been prayed over by the Church and anointed with olive oil from Israel. Many have given testimony to the healing power of God through the transference of the healing anointing.

Color: Blue (Light) Blue (Medium) Navy Green Orange Purple Burgundy Purple (Light) Turquoise Green (Dark) Pink


Speciality items
Blended by His Grace, Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, these soaps will cause you to experience the prophetic in a way you would never expect. Click on the various products to see what you’re missing! 


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3 responses to “Charis-magic Indulgences

  1. Jay Grimstead

    November 7, 2011 at 11:59 am

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for sharing these Antagoniz postings.

    It is hard to believe but I guess some crazy folks are actually selling soap, oil and bandanas which they claim can give one more of an anointing from heaven.

    Hey, if that stuff really works I would like a large box of all of it. Maybe my car would run better on that oil than on the 30 weight I am now using.

    God bless you,

    Jay Grimstead

  2. imran

    March 6, 2012 at 11:18 pm

    I need to buy some of these products, so I can receive God’s blessings.
    But seriously, These make me angry at those deceivers… And at the same time, sorry for the deceived.
    Keep on Preaching the Gospel!


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