John Frame: Marriage Is A Form Of Unjust Sufferring

13 Oct
Faschigshochzeit 1976

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John Frame  has served on the faculty of Westminster Theological Seminary and the Chair of Systematic Theology and Philosophy at Reformed Theological Seminary. He is widely known as a writer and scholar.

That is  what makes this article so interesting. In my 39 years of Kingdom life, I have never read anything on this topic.

Review the following extract and you should be sufficiently  enticed you to read the full text. 



 “…three years ago I got married! … Is marriage really unjust suffering? And if it is, do I have the guts to preach that with my wife in the congregation? … Stay tuned for some answers to these questions.

First, I do still believe that marriage can be a form of unjust suffering, because it says so in the Bible. (I said it can be, my dear, not that it always is.) The Bible, of course, has a very positive view of marriage, but it is also realistic. It recognizes that in a sinful world there are a lot of problems in marriage. So while it says many positive things about marriage, it says some negative things as well. Once, indeed, Jesus told his disciples, in effect, “You’re not allowed to get divorced, so some of you shouldn’t get married at all.”

 In this sinful world there is a downside to marriage, and we ought to ask if we can accept that downside before we presume to make a lifetime commitment.”

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One response to “John Frame: Marriage Is A Form Of Unjust Sufferring


    October 13, 2011 at 7:31 pm

    “sometimes you have to risk suffering to find something really precious” ~ John M Frame

    AHHHH ! SWEET REVELATION! (smile) … I will commit this quote to memory and apply it to my thoughts during my next heated discussion with the wife, A.K.A “precious”~” gift from God”
    I had been wondering why I have been stuck in 1st Peter for the last 2 months? now I know why!

    I realy enjoyed John M Frames humor and transparency, and I had never considered marriage as a type of suffering for Christ (lol),it’s looking like the book of James is my next camping ground…thanks Doc!


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