Pat Robertson is “Whacked Out!”

16 Sep

“Whacked out” means someone has lost it, gone crazy. This condition is evidenced when a person says outlandish things that are absurd or utterly ridiculous.

The “reverend” surely qualifies for this description since he told a viewer that his wifes Alzheimer’s is a type of death that gives grounds for divorce.

Watch both clips and listen to his response about the marriage vow “in sickness and health”.

 It’s straight up Whacked!


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2 responses to “Pat Robertson is “Whacked Out!”

  1. Callene Ramfield Buffington

    September 16, 2011 at 8:22 pm

    How very sad. When big-name ministers like this are starting to lose their own mind, they say stuff like this. We’ll just add this one to the outlandish statement by Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel, condoning abortion. God help us. What next?


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