Tim Keller’s Doctrinal Clarification

14 Sep

Tim Keller is an influential author, speaker, and the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. His ministry has impacted my own personal walk with Christ. 

Last week I watched  Pastor Tim respond to serious intellectual questions during a 2008  interview with Martin Bashir. His  answers evoked a broad range of responses within my own soul: amazement, anger, blessing, frustration, joy, sadness, edification  and disheartenment. 

However, I was glad to read Keller’s  honorable clarification and much-needed correction concerning the exclusivity of Christ. Here are a couple excerpt’s. 


This interview from three and a half years ago was the first public event like this I had ever done, and a number of my responses were less than skillful. One in particular—the one about whether there is any way of salvation outside of faith in Christ—was misleading and unhelpful.”

“Some commenters said I should correct and renounce what I said…..actually I did, immediately, several years ago.I admitted my mistake and haven’t answered in that muddy way again. For the record, I didn’t know the interview was being recorded. When it pops up on the internet it’s a humbling reminder that I don’t always get things right. Nevertheless, I was on a study week when Justin Taylor put it up on our TGC website, and I should have seen it sooner to tell him that my answer at that point was a mistake and didn’t at all represent my teaching on that subject over the years.”

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