The Gospel Of King Jesus Vs. Make A Decision Gospel

24 Aug

Since Jesus said wisdom is justified by her children,  the  man centered formula of “just make a decision” gospel is proving  to be less than   the wisdom of God. Scott McKnight shares research that 90% of children raised in evangelical homes make a “decision” for Christ. However, two-thirds of that number decide to abandon their faith by the time they reach 35 years of age.

McKnight says  the problem is  in the gospel  being preached today. Decision-ism is out of harmony with the Gospel proclaimed by the early church as demonstrated by the New Testament.

His answer? Stop tweaking a weak gospel and begin proclaiming  the Historic-Apostolic Gospel of  “King Jesus!” Now there’s a thought.




Posted by on August 24, 2011 in anathema, counterfeit, gospel, Video


2 responses to “The Gospel Of King Jesus Vs. Make A Decision Gospel

  1. rcadow

    August 24, 2011 at 5:03 pm

    On August 21 as I was reading Oswald Chambers’ “My Utmost For His Highest” he touched on this very issue, though he related the yielding to Christ as with an attitude of being commonplace, where I preceive he is talking about being commonplace at the feet of the King. Oswald Chambers states, “The statement we so often hear, ‘Make a decision for Jesus Christ,’ places the emphasis on something our Lord never trusted. He never asks us to decide for Him, but to yield to Him— something very different. At the foundation of Jesus Christ’s kingdom is the genuine loveliness of those who are commonplace. I am truly blessed in my poverty. If I have no strength of will and a nature without worth or excellence, then Jesus says to me, ‘Blessed are you, because it is through your poverty that you can enter My kingdom.’ I cannot enter His kingdom by virtue of my goodness— I can only enter it as an absolute pauper.”


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