Creflo Dollar Perverts the Grace of God

30 Jun
Ary Scheffer: The Temptation of Christ, 1854

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 During the scandals of the 80’s with Bakker and Swaggert, one prominent minister stated it was ok for a  pastor to commit immorality on Sunday morning yet be back  in the pulpit on Sunday night. Seems  Creflo Dollar  may have been mentored by the same  antinomian belief.

 According to Dollar, Eddie Long is neither accountable to the public  he has been preaching to, nor should he have to transparently explain why he paid hush money to silence his four accusers under the cover of  closed-door proceedings.

 Creflo told his congregation:

    “That preacher’s still anointed to do what he was called to. He just had a wreck. The blood will take care of his issue just like it will take care of yours,” Dollar stated. “And I just can’t believe that people would leave their preacher because he had a wreck, instead of praying for him.”

As you can see, Dollar ignorantly and arrogantly dismisses concern with Longs lack of character and private homosexual relationships by declaring that the anointing is God’s  panacea for flagrant lawlessness.  In other words, anointing trumps lack of character.

 Where is that in Timothy or Titus? 

I submit that  both Eddie  long and Creflo Dollar may be guilty of what Christ warned his church about in the book of Jude:

For certain men whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are godless men, who change the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord.”   [Jude 4]

 J. Lee Grady said it best concerning Eddie Long and deceptive ministers: 

People who talk out of both sides of their mouths certainly cannot preach an uncompromised gospel. And liars cannot be trusted to give us the truth.”

Run for your souls saints!



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14 responses to “Creflo Dollar Perverts the Grace of God

  1. rcadow

    June 30, 2011 at 11:39 pm

    It saddens my heart to see such things. I never went into ministry because I felt I could not give to any ministry the level of integritiy and morality I needed to get from ministry. Thank God He kept me from self-deception and led me to the path I always yearned for. Broken and humble, but not destroyed and defeated by any means.

  2. Isaac Parks

    July 1, 2011 at 2:21 am

    Being a CFNI alumnus I know the “soft” sounding “…anointing trumps lack of character” actually means “…anointing trumps an IMMORAL LIFESTYLE, rebellion against God, God Himself, etc!!!”.

    Creflo should be careful since he appears to be very close to Romans 1:27-32. As a guide for all those brothers and sisters – 2 Peter 3:17, 18 (be a good Berean and read the entire chapter, SHOUT!)

    • M.Escamilla

      January 4, 2015 at 5:50 pm

      Are you actually accusing CFNI of teaching such a antithetical concept of “anointing trumps lack of character”. If so, I don’t know what classes or groups you were involved with but that is out and out slander. If you have a beef with CFNI deal with it directly which is what you should have done while you were there. But that would take courage. It looks like you are the one with a lack of character.

  3. Darren Whiddon

    July 1, 2011 at 9:44 am

    In the ancient Near East these heathen-brother’s heads would have been cut off by the Great Suzerian… Needlesstosay, just as some claim they have the authority to make Jesus Lord, these two are convinced they have the authority to not do what He says. Romans 2:2 “And we know that the judgment of God rightly falls upon those who practice such things”. It is a reality…Hell that is, and maybe these two have been hanging out with Rob Bell. I guess they read his book, and forgot about the BOOK!

    • gayle

      August 31, 2012 at 9:03 pm

      did you know that God does not categorize sin. He does not see big sin …little sin. .our God calls all sin Sin.We come short of God,s glory daily.If we say we have no sin we are liars. Do you not know that the blood of Jesus covers our sin? The Bible says a righteous man falls 7 times and rises again.The only person that we as believers should judge is ourselves because that would be the most benefifical. There is forgiveness in Christ not condemnation. God restores and He looks on the heart not the outside like men do. Woe … Jesus said to the self-Righteous. I’m not condoning sin but we make a mistake criticising others especially our brethren.

      • Guest

        January 9, 2013 at 6:33 am

        You are not correct. There is no biblical evidence for not setting boundaries and limits on bad behavior among the saints in the bible. The Prophets in the old and new Testament rebuked the nation and specific individuals as instructed by God. The Judge not bible verse is speaking of judging people for the same sins the one judging is doing. There is no bible text that promotes enabling bad behavior. Please note the following bible verses.

        James 3:1
        Dear brothers and sisters, not many of you should become teachers in the church, for we who teach will be judged more strictly

        Galatians 2:11 (Paul speaking of Peter)
        But when Peter came to Antioch, I had to oppose him to his face, for what he did was very wrong.

        1st Corinthian 5:13
        God will judge those on the outside; but as the Scriptures say, “You must remove the evil person from among you.”

        Please read the whole counsel of God and stop being bible illiterates!

      • Guest

        January 9, 2013 at 6:48 am

        2nd Timothy 3:16 All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.

        Qualification of an Overseer (King James Version uses the word Bishop) in the church: 1st Timothy 3: verses 1 thru 8

        It is a trustworthy statement: if any man aspires to the office of overseer, it is a fine work he desires to do. Therefore an overseer must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach,not a drunkard, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money.
        He must manage his own family well, having children who respect and obey him.
        but if a man does not know how to manage his own household, how will he take care of the church of God? An elder must not be a new believer, because he might become proud, and the devil would cause him to fall. He must also have a good reputation with outsiders, so that he will not fall into disgrace and into the devil’s trap.Deacons likewise must be men of dignity, not double-tongued, or addicted to much wine or fond of sordid gain, They must hold the mystery of the faith with a clear conscience.

        Sorry to say but this illuminates quite a few Bishops and deacons who many gullible sheep and bible illiterates are following!

  4. RGH

    August 31, 2012 at 9:40 pm

    Thx Gayle for stopping by antagoniz. I would kindly submit that your assessment is guilty of selective abstraction. Paul said in Corinthians that a spiritual man judges all things, He declared it as an imperative to the Thessalonians when he said,judge all things”. He told the Corinthians in his 1st letter chapter 5&6 that we are to judge sin in the church and God will judge those outside. Your “judge yourselves only” fails to quote the entire text of Matt 7:1-5. Jesus told us to judge ourselves,get the log out, and then address the sin in anothers life. He followed that with an imperative to “Judge righteous judgment”. In Galatians, Paul did in fact live by this truth when he rebuked Peter in public by calling him a deceiving hypocrite. In first John, he calls some liars,deceivers and anti-christ. Quite judgemnetal eh?

  5. Jamie Groover

    January 9, 2013 at 7:52 pm

    I attend his church and was there that sunday. He was talking about church order and how to take care of scandal and conflict within the church. If you listen to the whole sermon you would find out that he never endorsed what Eddie Long did he actually laid out what steps you must take to restore a leader when he has fallen from Grace. He even said that he was not making light of the pain and suffering that the victims went through. That excerpt that everyone keeps playing is when he started talking about if you believe that you were called to Eddie Longs ministry that when trouble comes you wouldn’t just abandon where you were called because of a conflict that has occurred . Then he went on to say that the blood of Jesus was sufficient enough to restore Bishop Long just like it does when we need it. We must remember that the bible says to be careful how we treat our brothers and sisters in Christ according to Galatians 6:1. We all have faults and problems and to be honest what if he needed to to tell someone he was struggling in that area. How would have people reacted to his problem? Always consider how you would want aomeone to react in your time of fault. No sin is bigger than the other.

    • M.Escamilla

      January 4, 2015 at 6:28 pm

      Thank you Jamie. The problem is that most who have replied here did not hear everything in context. So we have one person making a “personal agenda” type comment and anyone who doesn’t like Dollar’s ministry, for whatever reason jumps on the mob wagon. It’s just an excuse to indulge in a little “haterism”. That doesn’t mean that we should just go along with everything the pulpit is saying, but what was said should be judged in it’s entire context.


    February 4, 2013 at 8:46 pm

    This particular posting, “Creflo Dollar Perverts the Grace of God | Antagoniz” indicates that u
    truly know what you are writing about! I entirely agree with your blog.
    Thanks ,Jacquelyn

  7. tommy stevenson

    September 15, 2014 at 7:35 pm

    When you mind is corupted by perverted grace you will automaticaly defend immorality

  8. Grace

    January 14, 2016 at 7:14 am

    I am failing to see the cause of alarm here. Romans 6:14 For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace. explain this scripture.


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