Children of Divorce

19 May
LOL Just divorced. And no, that's not my car.

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I hate divorce,” says the LORD  in Malachi 2:16. Sobering words indeed. Yet, the contemporary church  has managed to trivialize the sacred by making covenant breaking  common.

 Professor Andrew Root of Luther Seminary, however, addresses one of the many reasons the Sovereign Lord would speak with such holy gravity.


The Children Of Divorce: The Loss of Family As the Loss of Being 

“Root’s book is meant not to chastise or heap guilt on parents who have divorced, but rather to help the Christian community understand the ramifications of divorce from a child’s perspective. The child need not be under the age of 18 either; Root’s thesis is that no matter the age, divorce, even “the good divorce,” has profoundly negative effects on a child’s ontology, or sense of being. Root writes that “even in instances when divorce was a great gift to one or both parents, it was a silent nightmare to a child. What I am asserting is that divorce . . . leaves major marks on children, marks that reach all the way to the core of their being.”

“…children of divorce feel as though they are disappearing from existence. The divorce-induced existential void produces lost souls who feel less real, souls who feel like they are “sliding into non-existence.”

Root reflects:
. . . the family serves as one of the last organic communal realities of belonging and corporate purpose that allow children to discover their selves. In the security of the love of the marriage union that shared the child’s very biological material, they are blanketed and safe to develop and understand their selves. What is there for the self . . . when there is no place to belong, when a family narrative is shattered, and purpose is disconnected from the community of one’s being?”

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One response to “Children of Divorce

  1. Wayne Stocks

    May 22, 2011 at 11:14 pm

    I am researching the issue of the impact of divorce on children right now. As part of that research, I am surveying children of divorce. If your parents divorced before you were 18, I would love for you to fill out this short, confidential, online survey. It’s 8 questions long, and it will help us to better serve children who are currently living through the divorce of their parents. You can find the survey at Thanks!


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