Arrogance Ignorance and Greed!

18 Apr

I had never heard of the group “Show of Hands” when I stumbled across this song.  “Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed” won Best Original Song at  BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.  The  protest lyrics about the great recession are well worth pondering since the world often has a better eye for  injustice than Christians. Scripture has much to say about the greedy who oppress the poor. Hence, I personally enjoyed the” imprecation” along with the prayer at the conclusion. 

 I never was a cautious man
I spend more than I’m paid
But those with something put aside
Are the ones that you betrayed

With your bonuses and expenses
You shovelled down your throat
Now you bit the hand that fed you
Dear God I hope you choke

Soooo, give a listen to a folksy protest song and then read the Psalms. You will find that the man “after God’s own heart” was inspired to write  some  “protest lyrics” of his own. We just refuse to sing em!


***view the lyrics here:

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One response to “Arrogance Ignorance and Greed!

  1. benjamin

    May 1, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    most excellent!!!! loved it.


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