Paul Tripp Declares “Marriage Is War!”

16 Apr
Every marital relationship eventually encounters the harsh reality associated with living life  in the context of a sinfully flawed-fallen world. The decisions we make, along with how we walk through these hostile difficulties, will determine our own personal character as well as  the health of our marital union. This explains the reason some couples unfortunately get  ensnared repeatedly  in the same carnal war zone for years.
 I recently began reading Paul David Tripps book,”Marriage, What Did You Expect?” The  foreword and introduction proved to be worth the investment as truth and grace soothed my own soul. Tripps reality based insight accomplishes his objective to help us  “redeem the realities of marriage” as we struggle meaningfully forward.
 The following clip demonstrates why  we are planning to purchase the conference DVD’s as a means of truth and grace for “The Gathering of Christ Followers” here in Lagrange. AWESOME!


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Posted by on April 16, 2011 in character, marriage, sanctification


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