We Should Raise “Hell”

12 Mar
Fallen angels in Hell

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 A year ago I did a post on the subject of Hell.  It included a list of articles from a rich  diversity of ministers who had various reasons  for tackling the subject. The articles are below.

My purpose for the post was to raise “Hell” to its biblical place of priority. However, it seems that the universalist and annihilationalist are doing their best to keep the subject in their biblical mythology casket.

Al Mohler has a couple of recent posts addressing the “hellish” topic.  He is a true “antagonizer”of the faith. I chose to “cut to the center of his article” since it began  with a question. Unlike Rob Bell and more like the Apostle Paul, Dr. Mohler asks and gives concrete answers. How refreshing!



“What happened to evangelical convictions about hell?

The first issue is a changed view of God. The biblical vision of God has been rejected by the culture as too restrictive of human freedom and offensive to human sensibilities. God’s love has been redefined so that it is no longer holy. God’s sovereignty has been reconceived so that human autonomy is undisturbed. In recent years, even God’s omniscience has been redefined to mean that God perfectly knows all that He can perfectly know, but He cannot possibly know a future based on free human decisions.

Evangelical revisionists promote an understanding of divine love that is never coercive and would disallow any thought that God would send impenitent sinners to eternal punishment in the fires of hell. They are seeking to rescue God from the bad reputation He picked up by associating with theologians who for centuries taught the traditional doctrine. God is just not like that, they reassure. He would never sentence anyone — however guilty — to eternal torment and anguish.”


>Al Mohler….How can a God of love send anyone to Hell                                   

>John Piper….How willingly do people go to Hell?

>N.T. Wright: What is Hell like?                                

>J.I.Packer…..Annihilation and Hell                                                         

>R.T. Kendall…Raising Hell                                                            

>D.A. Carson…. The Terror of Hell and Preach Hell           


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4 responses to “We Should Raise “Hell”

  1. vidamariposa

    March 12, 2011 at 9:42 am

    Without mentioning any names…. I remember at CFNI when 911 happened and a teacher came into class and told the class that if we believed that God allowed this to happen we need to repent and be saved. Later in a discussion with this teacher about the comment, I was told I was too calvanistic because I believe firmly that God is soverign and that to believe that God didn’t know about 911 would be to assume one of three things: a. Satan put one over on God. 2. God doesn’t know the beginning from the end, because man has more authority than God’s will and plans. or the possiblity that Satan has more power than God. I still stand by the conclusion that God knew who would be where that day. That all those who died had ample opportunity to repent and accept Salvation, and that those who did die who knew Jesus were a testimony to the survivors. I was then asked if I stepped out in the parking lot of CFNI and got hit by a car and died, with that type of thought process I was denying that God desires to bless His children and promises to take care of them. I said, no I firmly believe that I will spend eternity with Jesus. That I can not possibly know the impact of my death but that out of it God gets the glory. Now I see that maybe this teacher might actually be one of the ones mentioned in the above article. A person who does not believe in the omniscience or soverignity of God…

  2. vidamariposa

    March 12, 2011 at 9:44 am

    oops. I meant to put a period at the end of too calvanistic and start the next sentence. That should read that I then said that to assume God didn’t know about 911 would be to…. Sometimes I type faster than my mind can catch up. what can I say… got to slow the fingers, and send button down… lol

    • RGH

      March 12, 2011 at 10:03 pm

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing. Your are wise in your perception about the core issue being the Sovereignty of God. The prof you speak of must be one in the hyper faith that believes God surrendered his Sovereignty to men. I heard one of these guys make this statement: “If God is in control, he is doing a lousy job.” Can’t get much much Gooofier or arrogant than that.

      You are defending the doctrine of Providence and rightly so. God knows when even a sparrow falls and the number of hair on our head. He either Sovereignly causes or allows- all the while working in and through all things for his redemptive purposes. Ask Joesph…the evil intended,God was at work in and through.
      Nothing! Absolutely nothing happens outside his sovereign control. He is God and there is no other!


  3. benjamin

    March 13, 2011 at 6:45 pm

    wonderful!!!! I expect nothing less…brilliant…keep it comin’ bobo


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