Paula White Is A Verbal Architect

14 Dec
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Paula White teaches that christians are “the architects” of their lives by the words they speak. She affirms that if a believer releases  positive words, those words  will come back as positive experiences. The negative is true as well. So, according to Whites theology, whatever she is personally experiencing can be traced directly to what she has been speaking.

Let’s see now. We may rightly conclude  then that Paula is the “architectural wordsmith” who actually spoke her  failed marriage to  Randy White into existence. In fact,  her own teaching  requires that she is responsible.

This means she has been releasing powerful doubt filled words  because the pattern of negative experiences absolutely surrounding her  life.

She obviously chose  death filled words regarding her marriage and did so with such  defiance to the will of God,  that her verbal architectural blueprint  mandated the marriage end in an unbiblical divorce.

Following the same logic of doctrinal consequence, this means  it was Paula’s own words that created the embarrassing experience  of getting  caught holding hands with a married minister who was none other than the miracle worker Benny Hinn. Obviously, Hinn’s architectural language  created his own verbal blueprint for a disastrous marriage that had been kept secret for years.

Now we read that Church Without Walls is undergoing some sort of division or split. Seems Sr. Pastor Paula White  lacks the  positive verbal power to sustain a  loving  marriage,  a blameless life of morality or the capacity to maintain unity with those who serve with her “pseudo ministry”.

So would somebody please just tell this powerful “verbal architect” to  SHUT UP!


 Without Walls church to split from Tampa




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