Bishop Eddie Long Agrees To Mediation

07 Dec

The accused minister stood before his packed congregation and announced he would fight the accusations in the lawsuits against him the way that  David fought Goliath. Obviously, there was  applause.

However, CNN is announcing that the “Bishop” has now agreed to forego the trial and enter into mediation. Is anybody out there really surprised? Sounds like  ole Eddie is getting ready to play “Let’s make a deal!”

Personally, I smell a RAT!


“Editor’s Note: Bishop Eddie Long, the Atlanta pastor accused of multiple counts of sexual coercion has agreed with his accusers to avoid a trial and instead undergo mediation. Read background on the accusations and Bishop Long’s pulpit defense below. Watch AC360° tonight at 10p ET to hear what mediation means for Bishop Long’s proclaimed innocence and for his accusers.”

Ashley Hayes

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Posted by on December 7, 2010 in character, charismatic, Uncategorized


One response to “Bishop Eddie Long Agrees To Mediation

  1. Terri

    December 8, 2010 at 8:33 pm

    If I’m innocent there isn’t anyone that is going to convince me to “mediate” with my accusers who would dare hurt my name, or my character. He’s tuckin tail and running because he doesn’t want evidence that demands a guilty verdict. Stuff money in these boys pockets. Go ahead. Won’t erase their lost childhood or the future destruction of your so called ministry…


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