Jesus Will Return May 21st, 2011

06 Dec
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While Christians celebrate the incarnation of Christ during this sacred advent season, we have ignorant believers making outlandish predictions who by doing so, give the unbelieving world everygood cause to question the very essence of the Gospel itself. The two news headlines below serve as my point of reference. I submit  four key points for consideration.

First, the very scripture they purport to believe as their reference point for the predictions, clearly state that no man can know the day or the hour of Christ return. It’s absolutely ludicrous to contradict portions of scripture on one hand,  while appealing to other scriptures to make one’s false  predictions. That is simply called intellectual dishonesty. This  would be laughable if it wasn’t so damaging to the mission of  the Gospel.

Second, they join a long list of  quacks who have embarrassingly attempted to gain public attention by making unbiblical and absurd predictions. One of the more famous of the group would be Hal Lindsay.

Third, the gospel for the unbelieving world isn’t that Jesus Christ  will return, or even worse, that there will be a secret rapture. Rather, the biblical gospel proclaimed by the Apostles,  is that Christ Jesus has already come, was virgin born, lived a sinless life, died a substitutionary death on an execution stake for the sins of the world, was buried and bodily resurrected on the third day!

Fourth, by joining the line of heretics whose false predictions come and go, they communicate to the unbelieving that the very essence of the gospel is false as well.   In other words, if you can’t get the second coming right, why should sinners believe that christians got the first coming right. 


Billboards to proclaim Jesus’ return on May 21, 2011

Free Press Staff Writer

Mark your calendars and get ready.

According to 20 billboards to appear Monday across metro Detroit, Jesus is returning on May 21, 2011. And if you aren’t saved, it isn’t going to be easy, says the Christian Web site behind the billboards, which are to read “He Is Coming Again!”

The goal is to convince people to accept Jesus and that the Bible is the infallible word of God, said Allison Warden of Raleigh, N.C. She’s with , the site putting up the billboards along with a Christian radio network, Family Radio.

Ads Around Nashville Say End Of World Is 6 Months Away

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A widespread ad campaign popping up on Music City roadsides claims the end of the world is just six months away. Some call it a scare tactic or publicity stunt, but the group behind this message claim it’s very real.

They site the Bible and the book of revelations which states Jesus will return to earth.

For Christians waiting for a signal of the time, the date, or perhaps even a sign from a above? There’s now a crystal clear one on billboards all across Nashville.

The Christian non profit, Family Radio Worldwide, who sponsored these ads said they know exactly when the apocalypse is coming, and it’s May 21, 2011.

The 89-year old director behind Family Radio is so sure of this date, they put up 40 billboards here Nashville and hundreds more all around the globe to give folks an ample warning.

“This is the day, this is really the day this is not a joke,” said Tom Evans, a spokesperson for the organization.

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